Catering Version

Extremely reliable facial recognition (FR) camera with 3D structured light tech.




Android 7.1


3D structured light camera Support FR payment etc.


IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
2.4/5 GHz


Wall-mounted: 16.5Kg
Floor-standing: 45Kg


Six-core 1.8GHz


Support 2D QR code
on mobile screen


10/100/1000M Ethernet self-adaptive

Power input



16G ROM+ 4G RAM Support MicroSD(TF) up to 128GB


80-column thermal printer with automatic cutter


1× Micro-USB Debug Port
5× USB TypeA port


24” 1080×1920 FHD G + G capacitive screen




Wall-mounted: 394*171*1017mm
Floor-standing: 540*490*1850mm

Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware: Revolutionizing Your Point of Sale Experience

Welcome to Lumiere, where innovation meets convenience in the realm of point of sale solutions. Our cutting-edge Kiosk POS Hardware is designed to elevate your business operations, streamline transactions, and enhance customer engagement like never before.

Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware
Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware

Unlock Efficiency with Seamless Integration

Our Kiosk POS Hardware seamlessly integrates with your existing point of sale system, offering a unified platform for managing transactions, inventory, and customer data. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and hello to streamlined efficiency.

Furthermore, selecting the right POS system for kiosk integration is crucial for optimizing business operations. Different POS systems offer various benefits such as ease of use, customization options, hardware compatibility, and pricing flexibility. Systems like Clover, Square, Oracle Simphony, Toast, Lightspeed, and others provide unique features tailored to different business needs and industries. Choosing a POS system that aligns with your business requirements can further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of integrating self-ordering kiosks with your existing POS infrastructure.

Discover the Power of Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware

  • Transform your business with Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware and experience the difference firsthand. Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, or boost profitability, our innovative hardware solutions have you covered. Contact us today to learn more about how Lumiere can help you achieve your business goals.

Moreover, the transformative impact of Lumiere’s SaaS solutions goes beyond just streamlining processes; it revolutionizes how businesses operate. Lumiere’s cutting-edge SaaS platform empowers businesses to optimize workflows, drive productivity, and achieve remarkable results through its intuitive interface and powerful features. By embracing Lumiere’s SaaS solutions, businesses can experience seamless collaboration, robust analytics, and scalable solutions all in one comprehensive package. This comprehensive approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures a memorable and effortless experience for both businesses and customers alike.

Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware
Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware

Future-Proof Your Business with Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware

Stay ahead of the competition with Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware. Our future-proof technology ensures that your business is equipped to handle the demands of tomorrow. From contactless payment options to advanced analytics, our hardware devices are designed to keep you one step ahead. Experience the Lumiere difference and take your business to new heights today.

The seamless integration of Lumiere Kiosk POS Hardware with your existing systems not only simplifies transactions but also provides valuable insights through advanced analytics. This integration enables businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data, optimize workflows, and enhance overall operational performance. With the convenience-driven culture driving significant revenue for interactive kiosks globally, businesses that embrace self-service technology like Lumiere’s hardware solutions are better positioned to cater to the preferences of modern consumers and capitalize on the growing trend towards self-service options

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