L2s PRO POS Hardware

Time to PRO your frontline operations.

L2s PRO, Read scratched, stained, crinkled barcodes up to 1m away even on the high shelves in your warehouse.

L2s PRO POS Hardware


Product Model



5.5″ HD+, 1440*720, IPS
Capacitive multi-touch


1* 1.5W


Bluetooth 5.0 BLE


OS (*based on Android 12) GMS certified


Front: 2MP FF, Rear: 13MP, AF, Flash, support 1D/2D

Card Slot

1* PSAM, 1* NANO SIM + 1* MINI SIM, 1* MicroSD (TF)


AGPS, GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo


Cortex-A53, octa-core (4*2.0GHz+4*1.5GHz)

NFC Reader

Supports Type A&B card, Mifare card, Felica card


2G & 3G & 4G


2* MIC




1D/2D barcode scan engine


IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac


Removable polymer lithium battery, 3.8V/5000mAh

Revolutionizing Retail: Lumiere's Point of Sale Software and L2s Pro Hardware Solutions

L2s PRO POS Hardware

Introducing L2s Pro Hardware Devices

Complementing Lumiere’s POS software is the cutting-edge L2s PRO, engineered to optimize operational efficiency, elevate customer experiences, and streamline transaction processes. From sleek touchscreen displays to robust processing power, the L2s Pro offers a seamless and intuitive interface that enhances productivity and satisfaction for both businesses and customers alike.

Lumiere’s POS software redefines retail management with intuitive interfaces and powerful analytics. Complementing it, the L2s PRO POS Hardware optimizes efficiency and elevates customer experiences with sleek touchscreen displays and robust processing power.

Experience the Lumiereinn Difference

Discover the future of point-of-sale technology with Lumiereinn and our L2s PRO POS Hardware. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and take the first step toward transforming your business. Unlock new possibilities and elevate your operations with Lumiereinn – your trusted partner for innovative point-of-sale solutions.

Integrating Lumiereinn’s L2s PRO into your business is a strategic step towards embracing the future of point-of-sale technology. Lumiereinn’s innovative hardware solutions offer a glimpse into the next generation of POS technology, providing advanced features and capabilities that can transform your business operations. By leveraging the L2s PRO POS Hardware, businesses can unlock new possibilities, enhance operational efficiency, and elevate customer experiences to new heights. The seamless integration of Lumiereinn’s hardware solutions with your existing systems ensures that your business is equipped with scalable and future-proof technology to meet the evolving demands of the market

L2s PRO POS Hardware

Your Destination for Cutting-Edge L2s PRO POS Hardware

Integrating Lumiereinn’s L2s PRO POS Hardware into your business marks a significant step towards embracing the future of point of sale technology. Lumiereinn’s state-of-the-art hardware solutions are meticulously designed to not only streamline your point of sale processes but also to enhance operational efficiency and elevate your business to new heights

. By incorporating the L2s PRO POS Hardware, businesses can experience a seamless and efficient platform for managing transactions, inventory, and customer data, ensuring a more streamlined and customer-centric approach to operations

L2s PRO POS Hardware

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